Club Team Registrations

The WTYAA is an all volunteer organization dedicated to providing the children of White Township opportunities to participate in recreational sports and other activities. Any family which resides in White Township is eligible for membership.  

Volunteer Information 

As the WTYAA is an ALL volunteer organization, each family participating in a sport or activity is expected to volunteer their time in support of the program. There are numerous opportunities to volunteer. Volunteer needs include coaches, assistant coaches, team parent, concession stand, uniform distribution and collection, fund raising, plus many sport specific activities. Volunteering is preferred, but for those families that absolutely do not have time to volunteer, a $100 volunteer waiver donation per sport/activity is required in addition to the sport specific registration fee.  Any member family that fails to complete the volunteer requirements will automatically be assessed a $100 fee by WTYAA.

Equipment Fee 

Uniform and equipment provided by WTYAA is generally included in the registration fee.  However, if a member fails to return all items provided by the WTYAA at the end of each sport program (such as uniforms, keys, coaching equipment, etc.), a $100 fee will be assessed to the member account. 

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