Duties of Officers

WTYAA DUTIES OF OFFICERS                                        Adopted March 19, 2017


1)     Exercising control over the monthly meetings and coordinating the efforts of all Officers.

2)     Designating special committees and selecting committee chairpersons. This includes selecting an auditing committee or auditor at the November general meeting to review the Treasurer's books by January 15th or at any time one is deemed necessary.

3)     Authorizing the purchase of emergency items by a program commissioner in excess of the limit set by the board at the beginning of the season.

4)     Planning the overall growth and direction of the WTYAA.

5)     Signing checks together with the Treasurer.

6)     Making or submitting public announcements.

7)     Obtain permission for the WTYAA's use of fields and facilities.

8)     Coordinate with White Township Municipal Officials and Staff.

9)     Submitting an Administrative budget.

10) Approving sponsorship requests.

11) The President shall not vote unless there is a tie.

12) Attend White Township Committee Meetings.

13) Procure and maintain appropriate insurance coverage for the WTYAA and its officers.

Vice President

1)     In the absence of the President, fulfilling the duties of the President and presiding at the WTYAA meeting.

2)     Assisting the President in all duties listed above, when requested.

3)     Serving as a representative of the Executive Board at standing committees, at the request of the President.

4)     Attend White Township Committee Meetings when the President is unavailable.


1)     Recording and submitting of meeting minutes at general monthly, By-Law, Executive, Budget and other Committee meetings.

2)     Announcing to officers and members of the WTYAA regarding upcoming meetings or special events requiring their presence, if necessary.

3)     Performing secretarial duties relating to typing and copying of the correspondence and announcements, at the request of the President.

4)     The Secretary will send meeting minutes of the regular meeting to all members of the Board of Directors prior to the next month's meeting.

5)     Responsible for posting minutes, announcements and updates on the WTYAA website.

6)     Check the WTYAA Post Office Box.


1)     Receiving, depositing and disbursing money as directed by the guidelines set by the WTYAA.

2)     Maintaining and balancing the WTYAA Checking Account, WTYAA debit card, and WTYAA Games of Chance (50/50) Account.

3)     Collecting, reconciling and maintaining records of all receipts.

4)     Reporting on the financial status of the WTYAA at each monthly meeting.

5)     Preparing the books for the annual audit or when requested by the President.

6)     Assist in development, maintenance and execution of online program registration process, including the processing of offline payments.

7)     Assist the President in preparation of a balanced annual budget.

8)     Represent WTYAA in all financial matters.

9)     Oversee fund raising efforts.


1)     Attend WTYAA monthly meetings and vote on issues when a vote is called for.

2)     Assist the WTYAA Officers in any WTYAA affairs at the request of the President.

3)     Maintain the WTYAA website, including opening and closing registration, adding content to the website, modifying the website design, and other website related tasks.

4)     In coordination with the sport commissioners, advertise registration for each sport season.

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