Duties of Program Directors

WTYAA DUTIES OF PROGRAM DIRECTORS               Adopted March 19, 2018

Duties of Commissioners

The following duties are expected of the Commissioners for each sport:

1)     Submit and seek approval of the Executive Board 3 months prior to the opening of registration for upcoming program budget. If additional funds are needed over and above the allocated amount, Executive Board approval is required.  Items not approved will not be reimbursed.

2)     Attend all league meetings relative to the respective sport.  If a meeting must be missed, the Commissioner shall seek an Executive Board Member or other suitable WTYAA Member to attend in his or her place.

3)     Share league questions, concerns, rule changes, etc. with the Executive Board (preferably in writing via email) and to coaches when appropriate.

4)     Attend all WTYAA monthly meetings and remain an active participant. In the event a meeting must be missed due to other commitments an update must be provided to one of the WTYAA officers to present at meeting.

5)     Along with the Membership Coordinator and Treasurer, organize and coordinate registrations for respective sport.

6)     Secure and maintain a safe playing environment for all the players, by coordinating efforts between coaches and volunteers, so that equipment and supplies are available to maintain the program.

7)     Submit monthly reports by writing to the Secretary at least two days prior to each monthly meeting.

8)     Recommend to the Executive Board Head Coaches for each level. Commissioner shall recommend coaches from those who have volunteered and/or call parents of age groups requiring coach volunteers. Commissioner shall ensure all coaches have attended the appropriate coach's training program (paid for by WTYAA).

9)     Hold a Coaches' mandatory meeting prior to any practices or games to provide guidelines and expectations.

10) Conduct team picks according to the WTYAA pick policy.

11) Submit copies of official rosters (if not available through online registration system), a program overview with player head counts by age and gender, and team schedules to the Executive Board before the first official game. Ensure all players are rostered with the WTYAA and follow guidelines as set for the under Article II -- Purpose.

12) Abide by and enforce all WTYAA and League policies, guidelines and decisions.

13) Coordinate field crew to setup the fields before start of season.

14) Coordinate and communicate practice and game schedules.

15) Cancel, postpone and/or reschedule home games when there is inclement weather or other issues that prevent play.  Coordinate with coaches and opposing team, league, and/or coordinators to reschedule games.

16) Copy all WTYAA officers on all communications to coaches, league, schools, etc.  (including practice and game scheduling).

17) During the respective sport season, Commissioners are expected to issue a regular email to the Executive Board (and Co-commissioner or Coordinators, if applicable) containing highlights of the previous week such as:  any issues that were raised, how they were handled, if they are resolved, changes in league policies or any issues raised at the league level, etc. 

18) Enforce the WTYAA Disciplinary Policy and any disciplinary decisions made by the Executive Committee.

19) With the approval of the President, make emergency purchases under the threshold provided by the Executive Board, to ensure the continuity of the program.

Duties of Coordinators

Uniform Coordinator

The Uniform Coordinator is responsible for ordering, purchasing, and distributing team uniforms in accordance with the adopted annual budget and in coordination with the Commissioner for each respective sport and the Treasurer. The Uniform Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of uniforms for all sports.  Any substantial change in uniform design or color shall be presented to the Executive Committee and may be voted upon if the Board deems necessary.

Equipment Coordinator

The Equipment Coordinator is responsible for ordering, purchasing, and distributing team equipment, in accordance with the adopted annual budget and in coordination with the Commissioner of each respective sport and the Treasurer. The Equipment Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of equipment for all sports.  The Equipment Coordinator will inventory all equipment for their respective report and ensure its serviceability.  Any equipment determined to be unserviceable will be brought to the attention of the board for inclusion in the budget for the following year.

Concession Coordinator

The Concession Coordinator shall be responsible for all aspects of operating and maintaining the concession services.  The Concession Coordinator shall be responsible for maintaining inventory and ordering or purchasing of products for sale, managing the schedule of volunteer workers, providing instruction and training for concession stand volunteers, and organizing the opening and closing of the concession stand for the season.  The Concession Coordinator shall recommend money handling and counting policies to the Board and shall ensure that volunteer workers abide by such policies.  Concession Coordinator shall work with the Treasurer to create a budget, deposit revenues, and make purchases.

Picture Coordinator

The Picture Coordinator shall be responsible for coordinating to have individual and team photos taken for each sport season.  The Picture Coordinator shall contract with a reputable photographer with reasonable prices and options to provide photography service to the WTYAA.  The Picture Coordinator shall be responsible for setting the photo schedule and acting as the liaison between the WTYAA and the contract photographer.

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