Background Check

Background Check
To initiate a background check click on the link to the left.  You will be taken to a secure webpage where you will submit your information.  This is a secure site managed by Protect Youth Sports and Verity, its partner company.  WTYAA does not store any personal information.  Once the background check has been completed, WTYAA will recieve a simple pass/fail notice against the criteria below.  There is no cost to you, WTYAA pays all costs for the background check.

Background Checks

White Township Youth Athletic Association has contracted with Protect Youth Sports to provide confidential and secure background checks.

Effective August 1, 2013 a background check will be required for all Coaches (defined as head coach, assistant coach, or any volunteer that may be alone with a child participating in a WTYAA sponsored activity).

The following criteria will be evaluated by our background search company, Protect Youth Sports.  A positive response in any of these criteria shall make the volunteer ineligible to participate as a Coach.


1. Conviction of a felony.

2. Conviction of a crime involving a minor, regardless of the offense.

3. Conviction of a crime involving force or threat of force against a person.

4. Conviction of a crime in which sexual behavior is an element.

5. Conviction of a crime involving an illegal controlled substance. 

6. Conviction for child abuse or child neglect.

7. Any sex offender registrant.

8. Refusal to undergo background screening. 

In the event you believe there are mitigating factors which the White Township Youth Athletic Association should consider, you have the right to request an appearance before the WTYAA Board to explain why you believe an exception should be made or why the policy should not be applied to you.   

To do so, you will need to submit a letter to the WTYAA Board requesting such an appearance, which outlines your position.  All appeal decisions by the WTYAA Board are final.

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